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Our Parent Portal aims to provide the most relevant content for our parents, caregivers and students, both existing and new.

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New CBC Parents

Welcome to the CBC community!
In order to make your family’s experience an easy and successful one, we encourage you to explore our ‘Getting Ready for CBC’ page before continuing to use the Parent Portal which serves as the central location for accessing all important College information.

Contact the College

Senior Campus
214 Wakefield Street, Adelaide
Tel: 08 8400 4200

Junior Campus
324 Wakefield Street, Adelaide
Tel: 08 8400 4222

Late/Absentee Lines

Please notify the College if your son is running late or will be absent via SMS (Senior Campus 0428 604 806, Junior Campus 0400 304 129) or click on the buttons below.

Senior Campus Absentee

2024 Term Dates

Term 1

Commences: Monday 29 January
Finishes: Friday 12 April

Term 2

Commences: Monday 29 April
Finishes: Friday 28 June

Term 3

Commences: Monday 22 July
Finishes: Friday 27 September

Term 4

Commences: Monday 14 October
Finishes: Thursday 5 December

General Information

In 2024, CBC will provide school-owned laptops for Year 2 to 11 students, with Year 12 students utilising a Bring Your Own Device model.  There are core differences between conditions of laptop use across the year levels.

The use of all student laptops, whether school-provided or BYOD, is governed by the ICT Acceptable Use Policy. The main difference however is that any damage or loss of a school-provided laptop or charger must be reported to the IT Department, whether the incident occurred during school time or outside of school.  We have limited repair coverage on laptop damage, which in most cases will be at no cost to families.  Laptop loss is not covered however and will be charged to families.

New school-provided laptops are issued to students at the start of Year 7 and again in Year 10. At the end of each three-year cycle, the laptop and charger must be returned to the school before a new laptop is issued.

Since Year 12 students will bring their own device (for 2024), it is strongly recommended that parents acquire insurance on the laptop purchased through an extension on an existing insurance policy or a separate policy to cover accidental damage.


Frequently Asked Questions

When will my son receive his laptop?

Year 7 and 10 students, as well as any new Year 8 and 9 students, are issued a laptop in the first week of each school Year / Term.  Students are issued a laptop, charger, and bag.


How does laptop provision work in Junior school?

Junior school laptops are issued to Year 2 to Year 6 students at the start of the year or on the student’s first day of school. Laptops are kept in the classroom overnight in charging bays so they are ready to go each morning.  These laptops are also refreshed on a regular cycle to keep the technology current.


How does laptop provision work in the Senior school?

In 2024, students in Years 7 to 11 are issued with a school-owned laptop, charger, and bag.  Students must take their laptop home each night hence it is their responsibility to fully charge the laptop ready for each school day. There is a laptop charging bay in the Senior Library that all Senior students can access to charge their laptops securely.  Laptops must be returned to the school at the end of Year 9 as a new laptop will be issued at the start of Year 10.


My school-provided laptop has been damaged, what do I do?

Take your laptop straight to the IT Department when you are next at school.  They will assess the laptop and, in most cases, can provide a loan laptop while the laptop is being repaired.  Most repairs are free of charge (assuming no part or all of the laptop is missing/lost).


My own (BYOD) laptop has a problem, what can I do?

The IT Department will assist with troubleshooting a student’s personal laptop (Year 12 only) but will not be able to repair personal laptops.  The advice can be given on pursuing repair, ie through the place of purchase, etc.


What sort of Laptop should I purchase for Year 12 (2024 only)?

Students studying Year 12 in 2024 can bring their own laptop.  We recommend students purchase a laptop that is reasonable for their intended line of study and parents can refer to our BYOD Equipment Purchasing guide for information.

The SEQTA app is the college’s primary form of communication with students and parents/carers providing:

  • Course and assessment details – parents receive notifications when grades are released
  • Attendance details
  • Direct Messaging – where school communications can be accessed
  • Portals – for specific information about co-curricular sports, music, or the Junior Campus
  • Academic reports – past and future
  • Student timetables, allow you to quickly see your child’s past/upcoming lessons.
  • And general communication between Students/Parents and Staff.

Download the SEQTA App

SEQTA Engage for Parents – Google Play (Android) or App Store (iOS/Apple)

SEQTA Learn for Students – Google Play (Android) or App Store (iOS/Apple)


Logging in via Browser

Log in to SEQTA Engage for Parents here.

Log in to SEQTA Learn for Students here.


Download the Parent Login Guide

SEQTA Engage Parent Login Guide


Further Assistance

If you have any questions or require assistance with SEQTA, please contact the IT department at or call 08 8400 4242.

Qkr LogoThe Qkr! app (pronounced ‘quicker’) provides families with the ability to order and pay for various school items at the Canteen, Uniform Shop and more.  Qkr! is a convenient and secure way to pay for school items from your phone at a time and place that suits you.


Download the Qkr! App

Download the Qkr! App here – Google Play (Android) or App Store (iOS/Apple)

Further Information

QKR and Operoo Guide



CBC uses the Operoo online system for student emergency contact and medical information. This system is an easy way for parents/caregivers to keep emergency contact and medical information up-to-date. It also puts parents in control of this data so you will always know what emergency contacts and medical information is shared with CBC.

Parent’s guide to getting started with the Operoo online system:

  1. Simply wait for CBC to send you an email from our Operoo system asking you to sign up or create your account. (or contact CBC if you haven’t received an email)
  2. Follow the instructions in the email to create your account. Operoo will send the initial email to one parent to create the initial care profile for their child. That parent becomes the ‘Profile Owner’ but is able to create access for other parents. A second parent can also be added as a ‘notification only’ parent.For more information on how to do this, please visit this link: Sharing information with another Parent/Caregiver

You’re done!  You will now receive notifications whenever there is an electronic form to complete from CBC.


You can also download the Operoo Central app from any mobile device.

Download the Operoo App

Download the App here – Google Play (Android) or App Store (iOS/Apple)


Please note that the College expectation is that Profile Owners must give ‘view and modify access’ to the other parent unless there is a court order that would deny the other parent access to such information.

From CBC’s perspective, you or your child’s information will only be visible by the relevant staff for you or your child, and will be managed in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

You can visit the Operoo website for more information at:

There is also a parent introduction page at:


Further Information

QKR and Operoo Guide

The College utilises the School EasyPay system to facilitate easy and efficient payment of tuition fees.  For further information about this, please download the EasyPay guide in the link below:

School EasyPay Guide

Parents can keep up-to-date with information, sports results, and happenings around the school via our fortnightly digital Insight newsletter.

To read the latest edition or to subscribe, click here:

CBC Sports Fixtures, training schedules and general information are published by the Co-curricular Department and can be accessed through Co-curricular Portals on the SEQTA App.  For information regarding SEQTA, please refer to the drop-down information above.

Queries regarding the CBC Co-curricular Program can be addressed to Mr Adon Cousins, Head of Co-curricular at or phone 08 8400 4213.


The Senior Canteen operates Monday to Friday, opening at 8am each morning for the students’ convenience.  Lunch orders can be placed with us up until 9.30am.  We offer a variety of fresh daily specials and also ‘Brekky Toasties’ which are available for sale every morning.

Our Junior Canteen operates Tuesday to Friday servicing both Recess and Lunch.  Orders should be placed in the classroom lunchbox and we are happy to cater for your taste.  The Junior Campus canteens also has a great selection of fresh daily specials along with regular choices.

The college welcomes volunteers to assist in the Senior or Junior Campus canteens.  This is a great way to support the school community and meet friendly staff and students.  If you would like to assist or have any queries, please contact Penny Dearman, Canteen Coordinator on 08 8400 4240 or via

CBC OSHC is a service we offer to our Junior School families and the wider community.

We provide Before and After School Care, Vacation Care, and Pupil Free Daycare for both boys and girls.

Our service assists families in caring for their children in a safe and enjoyable environment. We have a large and flexible service, so there are always spaces for new enrolments.

If you have any further queries, please contact Karyn Falting on 08 8400 4265 or email

More information about our OSHC and Vacation Care can be found here.

Follow our College’s Social Media pages to celebrate all the wonderful things that occur at CBC.  We welcome comments and feedback but request that all comments are positive and respectful to all.  The College is currently on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Vimeo and Youtube.