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Our Learning

Our students have access to truly innovative and contemporary facilities whilst enjoying all the benefits of being in a city-school where learning opportunities are just a short walk away.

The City is our Classroom

Located in the heart of the City of Adelaide our teachers often take learning outside the classroom with supervised excursions to our Universities, the Lot 14 Space Precinct, Law Courts, Art Galleries, Museums, the Central Market and more.

Junior students visiting the Adelaide Botanic Gardens

Centre of Innovation and Learning

Designed for the teaching and learning of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) plus the Arts, this facility incorporates innovations including a large remote-controlled Astronomy telescope, rooftop garden, flexible maker spaces, music studios, and science laboratories.

Senior students walking through the Centre of Innovation and Learning.

Preparing our Boys for their Future

Our college is preparing our students for an exciting and rewarding future where a sound knowledge of STEM is vital.  Recognising this reality, CBC has been proactive in providing learning spaces that enable our boys to achieve their best in these areas.

Our Senior Campus features several modern laboratories, studios and flexible spaces where students are able to safely explore and learn Science, Biology, Chemistry and Physics, supported by up-to-date digital infrastructure.  Our young artists are always free to express themselves; whether by creating a new epic music score in our Music Lab, recording their best ballad in the Sound Recording Booth, or painting their latest masterpiece in our Art Space.

Students at our Junior Campus are equally equipped for learning.  Our young students not only enjoy the light-filled, colourful spaces around the school, they also have access to specialised areas for digital technology and robotics, a multipurpose Performing Arts Space, music suites, and a rooftop play-area overlooking the City and Adelaide Hills.

Reaching for the Stars

The College is proud to host large optical telescopes in our two observatories on the Senior Campus to facilitate learning of astronomy and astrophysics. The main observatory features an impressive telescope that can be remotely controlled and our students are taught to operate and program the instrument to fully utilise its imaging capabilities as part of their studies in physics, chemistry, and mathematics.

Making Things

For those who love being extra hands-on, our Electro-Technology Trade Training Centre offers a fully equipped workshop and computer suites.  Students gain access to a comprehensive technology centre with 3D printers, electronic kits, Computer Assisted Design (CAD) systems and all the traditional tools for working with metal, wood and plastics.  Here, our boys hone their skills for their high-tech future world of work.

Learn About Our Facilities

Faith plays an important part of the College’s Catholic Identity and students at both campuses participate in liturgies and special events held in the Edmund Rice Chapel (Senior Campus) or the Presentation of Mary Chapel (Junior Campus).  Our College is also privileged to have access to the magnificent St Francis Xavier’s Catholic Cathedral where our community gathers for celebrations of Mass.

Junior student in Junior Campus Chapel, holding the Bible and in deep reflection.

CBC’s extensive curriculum includes Food Technology which is offered from Years 7 to 12.  Our students learn the concepts and skills to prepare healthy and nutritious meals in a safe and clean environment.  Our Middle School students learn and practise in the modern domestic-style kitchen to build up confidence in a familiar environment whilst those continuing on to pursue a career in hospitality are able to progress into our commercial kitchen in their Senior Years.

Students Cooking in Senior Campus Food Tech Commercial Kitchens at CBC.

Learning Music is not just about playing an instrument, students also learn about the theoretical aspects which they can put into practise in numerous ways.  One of which is composing their own music on a computer.  Our students do this in the dedicated Music Lab at the Senior Campus.  Featuring numerous iMac computers, each with audio interfaces and 49-key MIDI keyboards, the students learn to create their own music using software such as Logic Pro X, Garage Band, Sibelius 8, Auralia and Musition.

Two students creating music using Apple iMacs and Garage Band and keyboards.

Our Centre of Innovation and Learning features innovative and flexible spaces including music recording pods, sound-proof rehearsal rooms, and a main performance space where students can demonstrate their abilities using a broad range of musical instruments. Students have the opportunity to study and learn about both traditional and modern approaches to music which will provide pathways to careers in the music industry.

CBC Rock Band practice for a performance in the Music Suite.

Housed in the historic Hurley building, this dynamic theatre seats up to 100 people and enables the students to solve problems creatively, work collaboratively, improve their self-esteem, and perform on a full-size stage. The students can also learn to operate the lighting and sound for productions in the comfort of a climate-controlled environment.

Senior Campus Drama Suite with boys being coached by teacher on stage.

Our Performing Arts Centre at the Junior Campus is a large open space used for Junior Campus classes and music ensembles. The flexible space allows for a range of activities including composition, bands, choirs, and class assemblies.

Students learning guitar in the Performing Arts Space at the CBC Junior Campus

The inclusion of a Rooftop Garden allows students to explore plant propagation and genetics, aiding with further carbon capture and exploration of their new sustainable environment.

Two boys sit near the Rooftop Garden.

The Resource Centre’s use of Information Technology, bold colour, soaring heights, and vibrancy in furniture design ensures learning is highly visual, exploratory, fun, and reflective of contemporary theory on boys’ education.  With a selection of exciting novels for all ages and, there is reading material for all students who are excited to extend their reading and research skills.

Student busy working in the Junior Campus Resource Centre.

Providing space for our students to learn and play is important as a city-school and across our three locations, our students have access to dedicated spaces for this purpose.

Our Senior Campus boys have access to the rooftop sportsfields, courtyards and dedicated study spaces in the Centre of Innovation and Learning for Year 12s, as well as in the Walsh Lecture Theatre.

Students at the Junior Campus enjoy the fenced adventure playground and nature play area, directly opposite in the beautiful parklands, in addition to the rooftop play area during break times. For those who prefer a quieter space, the Junior Campus runs clubs during breaks, and the Library and Resource Centre is open at lunchtime.

Our ELC has age-appropriate learning-through-play equipment, toys, sand, and water play equipment, and a fairy garden for children to explore.

Our Sports Facilities

Contrary to the perception of a city-school, our students at CBC have access to a large range of sports facilities directly on campus and in nearby locations, ensuring that they are able to maintain their health and fitness whilst enjoy ample space to run around and exercise.

The College has a large innovative rooftop sportsfield located directly above the Flinders Street Car Park.  This provides our students and community sporting groups with a purpose-built playing field in the heart of the city and is frequently used for matches and sports-related activities.  Students also have access to the Senior Campus Gymnasium and multi-purpose tennis facility on Hutt Road with five courts. Also, within walking distance in the City Parklands are the two large CBC Ovals with supporting facilities and is regularly used for training and inter-school matches.

Our new cricket nets are first class with six nets in a state-of-the-art turf block system – there are two turf and four all-weather specialised synthetic turf wickets for our cricketers to train on.

Centenary Gymnasium

The Centenary Gymnasium is located at the Senior Campus and has the capability to house various codes of sport such as basketball, badminton, volleyball, indoor soccer, and netball.  The Gymnasium is more than just a sports facility and is regularly used for school assemblies, sports activities and social events.

Rowing Facilities

CBC has a long tradition with Rowing and the College has two purpose-built rowing boat sheds to offer students the best facilities possible. The Torrens River Boat Shed, located within walking distance behind the University of Adelaide, allows our students to engage in training on the water, as well as improving their fitness in the gym. The Semaphore Park Boat Shed located at West Lakes is a joint-facility between Christian Brothers College, Scotch College, and Prince Alfred College and is used for on-water training and preparation for rowing regattas.

Ovals, Courts and Nets

CBC enjoys access to a number of ovals, and courts located in and around the Adelaide parklands. In the east, there are two full-sized fields used for football, soccer and cricket.  These are used for weekend sports and athletics days.

Nearby on Hutt Road, there are five synthetic courts available for tennis in summer and hockey in winter. The soccer pitches on East Terrace are used by both junior and senior teams.


Rooftop Sportsfield

The unique Rooftop Sportsfield at the Senior Campus

Senior Gymnasium

The Senior Campus Gymnasium is a multipurpose facility used for sports and school assemblies

Rowing Facilities

The College has rowing facilities at West Lakes and on the Torrens behind the University of Adelaide

CBC Ovals

CBC has large ovals located in the City Parklands

Visit our community.

We warmly invite you to join us on our Principal's Tour, where our dedicated staff and Student Leaders will guide you in small groups. It's an excellent opportunity to witness our school in action and experience our vibrant community firsthand.