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Soccer Program

South Australia’s Premier Soccer Program

Our Soccer Program offers a comprehensive and enriching experience for students of all skill levels, structured around three key areas: Curriculum, Co-Curricular and our exclusive partnership with English Premier League Football Club, Tottenham Hotspur.




Experience the thrill of soccer excellence at our CBC + Tottenham Hotspur Holiday Soccer Clinics.

The Curriculum

A Pathway to Excellence

From Year 7 to 12, students have the unique opportunity to select the Soccer Program as a subject, seamlessly connecting classroom learning with the world of soccer. This integration empowers students to apply practical knowledge and advanced soccer techniques in a supportive and inclusive environment.

The Soccer Program is designed not only to enhance students’ technical skills, but also foster holistic development, including physical, psychological, social, and cognitive growth. We believe in nurturing our boys’ passion for soccer and providing exposure to career-defining pathways within the industry.

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A Pathway to Growth

The CBC Soccer Program extends beyond the classroom with a range of co-curricular activities, in conjunction with Marcelo Carrusca Football Academy. Students have the chance to participate in various events and competitions, promoting teamwork, leadership, and other lifelong skills. Our goal is to instil values that extend beyond the soccer pitch, preparing students for success in all aspects of life. As part of the Co-Curricular component, students will participate in:

  • Weekly SAAS Competitions
  • SAAS Knockout Competitions
  • The Edmund Rice Australia (EREA) Football Championship
  • An Independent School Cup
  • The Tottenham Hotspur Training Experience Tour

Tottenham Hotspur Partnership

A Pathway to Greatness

One of the key highlights of our Soccer Program is the unique partnership with world-renowned Football club, Tottenham Hotspur. Students in the program have the extraordinary chance to work closely with esteemed Tottenham Hotspur Coach, Gerald Lami for 12 weeks each year. This invaluable experience allows for personalised coaching, skill development and understanding of the professional soccer environment.

As part of this partnership, selected students are eligible to travel to the Tottenham Hotspur Training Centre in London for an immersive training experience. This trip allows students to gain insights into the daily life of a professional soccer player, broadening horizons and inspiring ambitions within the sport.

CBC students will have the opportunity to discover their potential, cultivate their passion and embark on a journey that combines the best of classroom learning with the thrill of soccer.

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Hall of Fame

Meet Rocky Visconte – a proud CBC Old Collegian whose soccer story continues to thrive to this day.

Rocky’s soccer career ignited with his senior debut for the Croydon Kings in the South Australian Premier League in 2005. A pivotal moment came in 2006 when he secured a three-year contract with Heart of Midlothian, prompting his departure from Christian Brothers College to travel to Scotland.

Returning to Australia in 2010, Rocky’s talents graced the A-League stage with soccer club, Brisbane Roar where he was coached by the current Tottenham Hotspur sensation, Ange Postecoglou. His journey excelled with the Western Sydney Wanderers before finding his home at Cumberland United where he continues to be an inspiration.

Click ‘Play’ to explore Rocky’s remarkable soccer story that spans across continents and leagues.

Rocky Visconte Soccer Interview.

Our current champions

CBC's First XI Soccer Team

Brock M

“Soccer at CBC embodies brotherhood, skill, and the thrill of the game in every moment on the pitch”

Oscar M

“The soccer program at CBC offers so many opportunities for me to chase after my soccer aspirations”

Matias A

"CBC has allowed me to refine my soccer skills while opening doors to new possibilities”

Cameron H

"Being part of the soccer scene at CBC feels like hanging out with friends, while constantly getting better at the game”

Riley S

"At CBC, soccer isn't just a game, it's a shared journey of joy, teamwork, and brotherhood, where every moment is a victory both on and off the pitch”

Max C

"I love soccer because it is a magical sport. It brings people together like no other sport and teaches you life lessons like perseverance, teamwork, and decision making"

Alex C

"I love playing soccer at CBC because we can't stop winning"

Navid H

"The CBC soccer program is a gateway for students aspiring to progress a career in soccer - there are unlimited opportunities"

Deklan C-N

"You have to beat the best to be the greatest"

Jalen S

"Playing soccer at CBC gives me amazing opportunities that I wouldn't get anywhere else"

Abbas A

"Up the Fins"

Beau B

"The coaching is great, our teams are competitive and we take pride in representing CBC in every game"

Aidan L

"The Soccer Program at CBC has given me lots of opportunities and has also helped me improve my skills on the field"

Julian I

"Set your goals high, and don’t stop until you get there"

Kristian K

"Soccer at CBC has allowed me to forge lifelong friendships"

Andrew C

"I will be on the pitch no matter what"

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