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Middle Years

Years 7, 8 and 9

Christian Brothers College is committed to a Middle Schooling philosophy where your son’s academic, social, emotional, and spiritual needs are nurtured, and all students are welcomed and made to feel safe.

The ‘Middle Years’ is an important link between the Junior and Senior years and a time when young adolescent boys are experiencing changes in their lives, such as developing relationships, questioning their schooling, challenging the voices of parents, and teachers, and wanting greater independence. Therefore, we have developed a flexible and exciting curriculum to engage, challenge, and prosper a positive attitude toward learning and school life as a whole. Teachers tailor their curriculum to meet the individual needs and interests of the boys, whilst developing and creating a collaborative approach to their learning.

Our Schooling philosophy is to nurture your son’s academic, social, emotional, and spiritual needs as they grow into themselves as individuals.

The College’s core values of Faith, Excellence, Community, and Compassion underpin everything we do and it’s because of this our boys flourish and are ready for the world before them.

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Middle Years

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We warmly invite you to join us on our Principal's Tour, where our dedicated staff and Student Leaders will guide you in small groups. It's an excellent opportunity to witness our school in action and experience our vibrant community firsthand.