House System - Christian Brothers College

House System

The House system is a structure that develops relational learning at Christian Brothers College (CBC) and is focused on student wellbeing. Avila, Callan, Nagle, Sion, Treacy, and Waterford Houses are named after significant people and places that are connected with the story of Edmund Rice.

Each House has a crest, colour, motto, and charity. They have House events, and formal and informal functions and are involved in intra and inter-house competitions. Healthy rivalry fuelled by loyalty to House colleagues builds traditions and rituals which support the four College values: Faith, Excellence, Community, and Compassion.

Building on an already strong Pastoral Care program, the House system enables students and Pastoral Care teachers to establish a relationship of trust, support, and friendship. Students remain with this same House for the duration of their time at CBC, ensuring a sense of belonging. A student’s Pastoral Care teacher will be the first and central link to many College activities, events, and communications.

The Pastoral Care teacher provides an environment that nurtures each student to grow into their full potential respecting individuality while at the same time providing a sense of belonging. There are two vertically grouped (Years 7–9) Pastoral Care groups per House in the Middle Years and three vertically grouped (Years 10–12) Pastoral Care groups per House in the Senior Years.

Each individual’s strengths will be valued and used to create bonds with peers of similar ages. The ability to establish cross-age support provides opportunities for students to develop leadership skills and put College policy into action e.g., Anti-bullying, Restorative Justice and Personal Responsibility Policies reinforce a collegiate approach to mutual trust and support between staff, parents, and students by forging lasting and authentic professional relationships. The House system continues to spread the responsibility of building community.

Since 1878, CBC has upheld a proud tradition of delivering a quality education tailored for boys. Discover more about our College by visiting us soon.