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Learning a musical instrument stimulates the brain and improves memory and abstract reasoning (which is essential for Maths, English, and Science). Music builds confidence and relieves stress and most of all… it’s fun!

Music at the Senior Campus

All Christian Brothers College students can access music from Reception to Year 12. Students have the option of participating in music through:

  • The Junior and Senior Campus classroom/elective programs
  • Individual instrumental and vocal tuition
  • Participation in extra-curricular musical activities

The College offers a number of ensembles including concert bands, big bands, choirs, rock combos, percussion ensembles, and guitar ensembles. Students in these ensembles participate in a number of events throughout the year including the Senior Campus Music Camp, Generations in Jazz, and the Catholic Schools Music Festival.

Within the College curricular program, students experience a holistic and 21st Century music education via the units composing and arranging, musicianship, music history, sound production, and recording techniques and industry skills via the embedded CUA30920 Certificate III in Music. This program is delivered through COSAMP (RTO 41549).

Music at CBC is designed to facilitate individual knowledge and skill development as well as social development for our students through their primary and secondary years and beyond.


Friends of Music

The College also has an active Friends of Music Committee consisting of dedicated parents who volunteer to support various aspects of the Music Program throughout the year.

Junior Campus Music

Students in Reception to Year 6 have one specialist lesson per week in Music. These take place in our Performing Arts Centre where they participate in practical hands-on lessons using a variety of instruments.  The Performing Arts Centre is a large open space used for Junior Campus classes and ensembles. This flexible space allows for a range of activities including composition, bands, choirs, and class ensembles.

In addition to this, there are two choirs at the Junior Campus; a Year 3-4 choir that rehearses once a week and performs at different events for the school, and the Catholic Schools Music Festival Choir for Year 5 and 6 students, which also rehearses for 1 ½ hrs per week. The Festival Choir performs with other Catholic school students around South Australia at the end of Term 3.

Students in Reception to Year 6 have the opportunity to receive individual music tuition lessons. They can choose from a wide range of musical instruments and will then be invited to be part of one of the many instrumental ensembles at the Junior Campus which perform throughout the year at different events and at the end-of-year concert. The instrumental ensembles include:

  • Guitar Ensemble
  • Percussion Ensemble
  • Intermediate Concert Band
  • Rock Band
  • String Ensemble

Why learn Music?

The experiences, participation in, and understanding of music, as with all of the arts, lead to a cultural awakening, a unique insight into the history, and an exploration of the feelings and emotions of ourselves and others. Music-making involves teamwork, self-reliance, and self-discipline, as well as preparation and concentration. When music is created in this way, the human response is one of deep fulfilment, an appreciation of beauty and inspiration which is beyond the physical and tangible.

The music program at CBC aims to provide opportunities for experience and participation in music at whatever level a student feels inclined to involve themselves and help them on their musical journey. Further, it endeavours to equip musicians with skills that will provide a lifetime of enjoyment.

Further Information

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