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Gifted & Talented

At Christian Brothers College (CBC), we have long moved away from the notion that giftedness is solely based on a student’s IQ or is indeed an innate quality that one is born with and is imbued with for life.

In line with current research, we recognise that giftedness, whatever it is defined as resides in all groups of people; that is, in both genders, minorities, the handicapped, ESL students, migrants, and the general population.

CBC has defined giftedness as a fluid characteristic that will eventually be expressed as a student’s talent. We believe that giftedness can exist across many domains and can be of various levels. Research has shown that the greater the giftedness the greater the asynchronicity of development. Gifted students need to be supported and challenged and failure to do so can increase the risk of the onset of social and emotional problems, as well as the failure to fully develop their potential talent.

Challenging advanced learners

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Strategies used for identifying and planning for Gifted and Talented students

The process of adjustment starts with learning area content that aligns with a student’s chronological age.

Students who are gifted and talented may also have a disability, and/or English as an additional language or dialect.

Research suggests that 14 percent of children who are identified as being intellectually gifted may also have a learning disability, whereas only about 4 percent of children in the general population may also have a learning disability*. In some instances, a student may require support in more than one element of diversity.

General capabilities and cross-curriculum priorities can be used to extend and enrich teaching and learning opportunities.

Pre-assessment and ongoing formative assessment is critical to ensure that learning area content and adjustments align with student needs.

Gifted and talented students:

  • should be encouraged to achieve educational standards beyond those of their peers.
  • may require different levels of adjustment over time to reach their potential.
  • may have the capacity to learn at a faster rate than other students.
  • may require adjustments to different aspects of their learning.

Giftedness is a natural ability that may not be reflected in achievement.

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