Junior Years - Christian Brothers College

Junior Years

Reception - Year 6

Excitement and wonder characterise the Junior Campus, and our skilled and passionate staff inspire and develop a deep sense of natural curiosity and inquiry to enable students to build new knowledge and a better understanding of the world they inhabit. This is where our boys start their educational journey.

Learning experiences are enhanced by our innovative Junior Campus facilities, which are designed to meet the requirements of primary-aged students in a 21st Century context. Classrooms are energetic, colourful, and busy, with the boys fully engaged in investigative learning tasks.

The Junior Campus, located next to the spacious city parklands, provides our students with access to the great facilities that the city centre has to offer including the SA Museum, Art Gallery, Botanic Gardens, and more. All classes use these areas as an extension of the classroom and visiting them regularly is part of their everyday learning experiences.

At the Junior Campus, we celebrate the diversity and the achievements of each of our students. Within this supportive environment, students are challenged to excel personally and academically. Our boys feel a strong sense of belonging, well-being, and purpose. They are defined by their willingness to care for each other and those around them and are given the opportunities to explore and learn in their own way.

For further information about our Junior Campus, download a copy of the Junior Years Handbook below.

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Junior Years

Visit our community.

We warmly invite you to join us on our Principal's Tour, where our dedicated staff and Student Leaders will guide you in small groups. It's an excellent opportunity to witness our school in action and experience our vibrant community firsthand.