Volunteering at CBC - Christian Brothers College

Volunteering at CBC

Thank you for expressing your interest in volunteering at CBC!

The College has the privilege of parents and helpers who undertake valuable work every year, for which the college is deeply grateful. We are often asked what the procedure is to volunteer. To simplify the process we have included the process below:

Step 1: Complete a Working with Children Check

Please note: anyone holding a valid screening or registration issued prior to 1 July 2019 (DCSI/DHS) will be able to continue to use it for a period of 3 years from date of issue. As at 1 July 2020, you can no longer use a National Police Certificate to work or volunteer with children. Children under 14 are exempt.

Step 2: To complete your registration as a Volunteer at the College you will be required to provide the College with one of the following, taking note of the information in the latter paragraph

  • Catholic Archdiocese of Adelaide Clearance Letter or Card

  • Working with Children Check from DHS

  • SAPOL Badge

  • AFP Badge

To obtain a Working with Children Check you have two options, which are both free of charge.  You will be required to attach or upload your clearance when completing your online induction on RAPID. Please do not commence with the online induction until you have the clearance.

Option 1: Online via DHS, please follow the link below and apply directly with DHS at no cost for a Working with Children Check to Volunteer. Upon receiving your clearance from DHS you will be able to proceed with the induction process at the College, at which time you will electronically attach a copy of your clearance as part of an online process. The process will take around 21 days.

Please click on the following link https://screening.sa.gov.au/about-checks/check-process

Option 2: You can present directly to Reception of the Senior Campus or Junior Campus with 100 points of identification (only original or certified true copies will be accepted) and an email address which will be used to enable the electronic application process to be completed.

Authorised Personnel at these locations will verify all identification documents, returning the original documents to you, then finalise the completion of the Initiation Check Request Form (ICRF). The authorised personnel at the location will then provide an instruction sheet to you in order to provide further information relating to the completion of the electronic application.

The ICRF form will then be forwarded to the Screening and Verification Authority for processing.  Once the check has been electronically initiated by the Screening and Verification Authority, you will receive an activation email from Department of Human Services (DHS), then upon activation, a second email will be sent by them which has an ID and password along with the link to enter the DHS system. Upon completion of the processing, you will be provided with written notification as to the finalised status.

The standard processing time is generally around 30 days. However it can take longer than this depending on the relevance, complexity and amount of background information identified during the screening process.

Please note: If you have a volunteer check and then move into paid employment where you do work with children, you will need to get a new Working with Children Check and pay a fee.

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