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Parents & Friends

The Parents and Friends Association provides an opportunity to become actively involved in the College community.

This highly valued volunteer group actively supports College functions, organises social occasions, and promotes other parent activities. There is a sense of fulfilment in helping our boys and their school and the Parent and Friends is a committee that tries to bring the school community together through various events.

Federation of Catholic School Parent Communities

The Federation of Catholic School Communities was established by parents for parents and caregivers, children, families, and schools to provide an active voice for families with children in South Australian Catholic schools. The Federation:

  • Advocates for the right of parents and caregivers to choose a Catholic education for their child
  • Encourages and supports active and constructive family engagement in education
  • Promotes and supports Catholic education
  • Builds valuable partnerships between families, schools and education systems and
  • Contributes to the shaping of educational policy and practice.

We welcome you to our website which is for parents and caregivers, families and educators and includes information on the work of the Federation, updates on key education issues and initiatives, and resources for schools and school parent and caregiver groups. The Charter for Parents can be downloaded below.

Charter for Parents

The Parents & Friends Committee

President – Maria Guider

Vice President – Aurora Chant

Treasurer – Micki Wells

Secretary – Karen Heywood

Current Members

  • Susan Scali
  • Connie Rockcliff
  • Kate Edwards
  • Charlene Thornton
  • Melissa Mabarrack
  • Kirsty Johnston
  • Sarah Pacchiano
  • Mardi Espinoza
  • Samantha McAlpine
  • Jenal Dhar
  • Bridgette Dunn
  • Jo Crockett