Christian Brothers College on route to Tottenham Hotspur Football Club in 2024 - Christian Brothers College

Christian Brothers College on route to Tottenham Hotspur Football Club in 2024

Christian Brothers College (CBC) is thrilled to announce an extraordinary opportunity for its aspiring soccer players. The College is set to embark on an exclusive soccer training experience at the Tottenham Hotspur Training Centre in England in 2024.

This elite training experience offers students a chance to immerse themselves in the world of professional soccer. The selected students attending the tour will enhance their skills under the guidance of expert coaches who will showcase firsthand, the Spurs training philosophy, as well as witness the dedication and passion that define one of the most renowned soccer clubs in the world.

“Our partnership with Tottenham Hotspur offers our students one of the most unique and enriching experiences that has the potential to open a number of career opportunities within the industry,” says David Johnston, Principal, Christian Brothers College.

The tour itinerary includes bespoke training sessions, friendly matches, tactical workshops, consultations with nutrition professionals, and a comprehensive tour of Tottenham Hotspur’s cutting-edge training facilities.

“We believe this experience aligns with our dedication to providing a holistic education, where our boys are given the tools to pursue excellence beyond the classroom,” says Mr Johnston.

With expressions of interest applications now open until Friday 3 November for current CBC soccer students in Years 8 - 11, the College community eagerly anticipates this remarkable journey set to take place next year.

“Knowing that we have the chance to step onto the same training field that a Premier League Soccer Club trains on is a dream come true for every soccer student at CBC – it’s beyond words,” says Jordan C, Soccer Student, Christian Brothers College.

This exclusive training experience promises to be a fundamental moment in CBC soccer students’ lives, fuelling their passion for the world game and inspiring them to dream big.

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