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Playing Football since 1895.

Immerse yourself in a footballing legacy built on the spirit of brotherhood.

The CBC Football program follows a rich tradition of fostering a passion for the sport, with a key focus on the development of physical and interpersonal skills of our boys. Structured to afford our students the best opportunity to succeed on the field, our Football Program teaches skills including resilience, strength, fitness, teamwork, and commitment, in addition to practical and tactical knowledge of the game.

Football Program

Students involved in the CBC Football Program engage in rigorous pre-season training which includes strength and conditioning sessions and a pre-season camp, conducted over two key locations:

  • CBC Ovals (Park 15)
  • The College Gymnasium

As part of the co-curricular component, football students will participate in a series of games under the Sports Association for Adelaide Schools Program (SAAS). SAAS’s Aussie Rules is played during Term 2 and 3, bringing together teams from across South Australia to compete for the State Cup.

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Our current champions

CBC's First XVIII Football Team

Jackson R

"Ron Fuller's passion for football is as unstoppable as his drive to pump up the game - winning balls"

Diego B

"The CBC Football Program provides opportunities for players to learn and grow in an entertaining environment"

Adam M

"Only in the harshest of storms, does a tree know how strong it truly is" - Dylan Widdop

Adrian N

"The fastest movement in football is your eyesight" - Michael Buttfield

Ewan K

"Football isn't just a sport, it's a way of living"

Ryan P

"I love footy at CBC because Jackson always gives me the ball and never just slams it on his boot"

Pasquale S

"One Day or Day One"

Travis C

"I love football at CBC because I get to watch Chappy dominate every week"

Thomas S

"Football at CBC is the highlight of the week, there is no better feeling than playing the game you love with your mates"

Richie G

"I love playing football at CBC because of my ‘pura’ passion for the game and getting to hang out with my friends"

James M

"I love playing football at CBC because I get to have fun with my mates"

Trent R

“I love playing first 18s football at CBC for the memories I get to make with my teammates”

Zack Z

"I love football at CBC because I get to play on the field with my mates"

Tyler S

"I love football at CBC is because of the memories and experiences I get to share with my mates"

Will H

"A hedge and draw a day keeps the doctor away"

Jack H

"I love football"

Eddie G

"I enjoy playing the real football at CBC"

James A

"I reconstructed my knee for CBC football"

Thomas K

"Every day is an opportunity disguised as a challenge"

Xavier F

"I love football at CBC"

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