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Taking wickets and hitting runs since 1903.

Get involved and play your part in a cricket program that is cultivated with heritage and tradition.

The CBC Cricket Program employs a holistic approach to development, combining hard work and resilience to up-skill our student-athletes on the pitch and beyond the boundary. Structured to nurture and promote growth, the CBC Cricket Program provides a safe and fun environment that encourages our boys to put their skills to the test – literally. Students are given a platform to develop their game, as well as other lifelong skills including discipline and perseverance, whilst maintaining the ability to build positive relationships and create memories with their teammates. Students involved in the CBC Cricket Program engage in training sessions held at the CBC Oval (Park 15), under the guidance of a specialised cricket coach.

Cricket Program

Sports Association for Adelaide Schools (SAAS)

CBC Cricketers are required to compete in the Sport Association for Adelaide Schools (SAAS) Cricket Competition, where they get to participate in various grades based on year level and ability.

Our First XI Team competes in the First XI Cricket Competition, playing One Day and T20 Matches across the years, as well as in our annual Intercollegiate 3-day Test Match against Blackfriars Priory School.

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Our current champions

CBC's First XI Cricket Team

Ryan P

"I like cricket at CBC because it always brings a smile to my face, especially when Kirky is dominating the opening bowlers"

Archie S

"I love playing cricket because it's an enjoyable sport, and get to play with a great team"

Cleon C

"At CBC, Cricket isn't just a game"

James L

"I love to play cricket as it allows me to play with my mates and have a good laugh on a Saturday afternoon"

Sparsh P

"Cricket's my life, my pace bowling passion. It's the adrenaline of charging in, the thrill of each delivery, and the joy of leaving batsmen in awe"

Travis C

"I enjoy cricket at CBC because I get to watch Jimmy bowl like a pro"

Harrish R

"I love cricket as it is a sport not solely based on talent and it shows me with the right amount of hard work, anything can be achieved"

Thomas S

"Cricket at CBC has a strong sense of brotherhood, it has allowed me to create many close relationships with teammates and teachers"

Harrison K

Levi S

Atif H

Aditya S

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