Christian Brothers College values its sporting traditions and history of success in the sporting arena. We recognise that sport is an essential part of Australian culture and we share the passion for sporting achievement enjoyed in our community.

Students can become involved in a wide range of co-curricular activities. The program provides opportunities for staff, students, parents and old scholars to interact positively, creating a strong College community and building team spirit.

The wide range of activities on offer encourages not only the development of individual talents but also the important skills of teamwork and cooperation, socially acceptable behaviour and attitudes, self discipline and commitment.

As well as the traditional sports, boys are given opportunities to take part in activities as diverse as chess, debating, the Duke of Edinburgh Award, Tournament of Minds, as well as a variety of musical ensembles.

We recognise the considerable benefits associated with being physically active. Students build stronger friendships with one another and with their teachers through their interactions on the sporting field. Their sense of school spirit, pride and teamwork is enhanced when part of a successful sporting team. And of course sport is also about having fun, enjoying good health and trying something new.

With around 20 sports from which to choose and a range of other diverse sporting opportunities, Christian Brothers College offers something for everyone.

Summer Sports (Term 1 & 4)

  • Badminton – Senior
  • Basketball – Junior
  • Cricket
  • Rowing
  • Swimming (Term 1 only)
  • Tennis
  • Tournament of the Minds
  • Volleyball – Senior
  • Water Polo

Winter Sports (Term 2 & 3)

  • Athletics (Term 3 only)
  • Basketball – Senior
  • Chess
  • Cross Country
  • Debating
  • Football
  • Hockey – Senior
  • Rugby – Senior
  • Soccer
  • Table Tennis
  • Tournament of the Minds
  • Umpiring


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