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The Houses

The House system is a structure that develops relational learning at Christian Brothers College and is focused on student wellbeing. Bourke, Hurley, Marks, O’Brien, Smith and Walsh Houses are named after six Christian Brothers who had significant influence in shaping CBC over its past 135 years. Each House has a crest, colour, motto and charity. They have House events, formal and informal functions and are involved in intra and inter-house competitions.  Healthy rivalry fuelled by loyalty to House colleagues builds traditions and rituals which support the four College values: Faith, Excellence, Community and Compassion.

Building on an already strong Pastoral Care program, the House system enables students and House Tutors to establish a relationship of trust, support and friendship. Students remain with this same House Tutor Group for the duration of their time at Christian Brothers College, ensuring a sense of belonging. A student’s House Tutor will be the first and central link to many College activities, events and communications. Year 7, 8 and new students will be welcomed into the College by senior student ‘Big Brothers’, who they meet daily in their tutor group.

The House Tutor Group provides an environment that nurtures each student to grow into their full potential respecting individuality while at the same time providing a sense of belonging to a ‘small family unit’ within a larger ‘House family’. There are six vertically grouped House Tutor Groups per House Years 7 – 12. Individual’s strengths will be valued and used to create bonds across peers of all ages. The ability to establish cross age support provides opportunities for students to develop leadership skills and put College policy into action e.g. Anti-bullying and Personal Responsibility Policies and reinforce a collegiate approach to mutual trust and support between staff, parents and students by forging lasting and authentic professional relationships. The House system continues to spread the responsibility of building community.


Bourke House

Br John Vianney BOURKE

Br Bourke was Headmaster from 1958-63, and from 1968-70. He was known as a great builder. Brother Bourke never let problems stand in his way.  He would always go to Plan B if Plan A didn’t work.  A strong team builder, he upgraded the CBC Oval and built the change rooms.  He built the first Junior Campus and the Senior Block. He reinstituted a resurgence in rowing and conducted the planning and fundraising for the Torrens Boatshed which was built after he left.  Br John also prepared the planning for the O’Brien Building.



Hurley House

Br Edmund Phillip HURLEY

Br Hurley taught at CBC from 1927-29, 39-54 and 57-59.  He is most remembered as sports master although he was also Bursar and Deputy Principal.  His classes in the forties were outstandingly successful.  He possessed a very strong personality and was considered tough but he taught his students to always aim high and reach their full potential.  He is fondly remembered by current Old Collegians.



Marks House

Br John Patrick MARKS

Br Marks was an ex-student and Headmaster from 1986-94. Br was a man of great compassion and deep intellect, a forward thinker who understood the importance of computers and introduced them to CBC way before most schools became involved with ICT. He a developed and resourced the Special Needs Team (now known as Inclusive Education). Br John was a great believer in supporting the needs of the student rather than making the student conform to the status quo. He was dedicated to lifelong learning and was awarded two Bachelor degrees and two Masters degrees.



O'Brien House

Br Francis Thomas O’BRIEN

Br O’Brien was Headmaster from 1879-1890. He managed the College through very difficult times. He is considered the most beloved of all Headmasters because of the warm relationships he built between himself and students. He was also a great leader of his staff sharing praise and acknowledgements generously at a time when such behaviour was unusual.  The O’Brien Memorial is the most important item in the College museum and it is a testimony to the importance of him as an exemplary teacher.



Smith House

Br Ernest Gregory SMITH

Br Smith was a well-known science teacher in Adelaide.  His reputation was so well respected that in 1957 nine girls from Convent schools were sent to study under him.  Many of his students went on to Masters and Doctorates in the Sciences. In 1963 he was awarded the Australian Industry Development Association Medal.



Walsh House

Br Francis Celsus WALSH

Br Walsh was Headmaster from 1940-45.  He was responsible for the rebuilding of the College after the loss of boarders and senior classes in 1923 during the difficult times of the Depression.  He fought tirelessly for CBC and restored the College reputation as a place of excellence. He initiated social events to provide relief from the difficulties of war time and was responsible for the first socials with girls.  He conducted the planning and fundraising for the Science block, the first new building to be built at CBC in 50 years.


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