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Junior Campus Religious Education

Religious Education is seen as essential to the life of Christian Brothers College, having an integrative role as the school strives to realise its goals.  Religious Education best occurs in an environment in which students are invited into a living encounter with the values, beliefs, rituals, faith and community of the Catholic Church. Religious Education is complemented by and integrated into all areas of learning, and by other elements of school life including sacraments, liturgy, retreats, Eucharistic celebrations, pastoral care and Christian Service.

The School's Religious Education program is based on the Crossways Religious Education Framework for SA Catholic Schools and is linked with the Made in the Image of God document which is the Human Sexuality program for SA Catholic Schools.  This document was previously known as Family Life Education.

The Crossways Framework is is based on the Doctrinal Scope and Sequence as published by the Catholic Education Office. At each level Core Topics address: Human Person, God, Jesus, Justice and the Holy Spirit.

Teachers working at the same Year level plan units of work collaboratively to assist teaching and learning.  They are working towards developing a two year cycle of Units to assist greater continuity as students’ progress through their Primary Years of education.

It is an expectation that students will participate in the following:

  • R.E. lessons  (two lessons per week)
  • Daily prayer times
  • Whole School and Class Masses and Liturgies

The celebration of the Sacraments rightly belongs within the Parish.  Our school supports the Parish in the preparation and celebration of the Sacraments of Reconciliation, Confirmation and Eucharist.
Preparation and celebrating these sacraments is guided by the "Diocesan Policy for Sacraments of Initiation into the Catholic Church."

Sacramental celebration takes place through programs of preparation in school. Sacraments offered are Reconciliation (Year 4), First Eucharist and Confirmation (Year 5/6).

Should your son be interested in completing Sacraments during their time at Christian Brothers College we invite you to make an appointment with our office to discuss the commitment that this stage of your personal faith and formation journey is required.

Made in the Image of God

Made in the Image of God is the official program for sexuality education in South Australian Catholic Schools. It incorporates a sequential curriculum firmly based on Catholic moral teaching. The curriculum is organised into four strands which explores essential aspects of the human person.

Being Human  This strand aims to explore the value and dignity of human life and to promote reverence of self, others and the whole of creation.

Being Sexual  This strand aims to explore the spiritual, physical, moral and psychological dimensions of human sexuality and to develop an appreciation of Catholic Church teaching regarding sexuality.  The basic understanding of the reproductive system and its function and the Catholic Understanding of the purpose of sexual intercourse is introduced only at Year 4 level.

Being Connected  This strands aims to explore human vocation to love God and neighbour and to develop an appreciation of the interdependence of humanity.

Being Moral  This strand aims to develop an understanding of what is to be moral and to encourage responsible decision making by exploring the processes of Christian decision making.

As parents are the primary sexuality educators of their children, the program allows teachers to have a complementary role, therefore close co-operation must exist between parents and teacher.

Scope and Sequence Plan

In 2010, at Christian Brothers College, Junior Campus, staff in conjunction with the Overview committee developed a scope and sequence plan in order to establish the learning outcomes at each year level.

It is expected that class teachers communicate these outcomes to parents.

In 2011, as part of the annual review of these teaching practises staff at the Junior Campus worked collaboratively to plan units of work related to the Being Sexual strand from Reception to Year 6.

Furthermore, the staff commenced planning strategies to implement a two year cycle of units for the teaching and learning of Religious Education.

Leadership of the Program

The Key teacher manages the program and is done in conjunction with the Overview Committee and in consultation with the Assistant Principal – Junior Campus and all Pastoral Care Teachers.

The role of the Key Teacher and Overview committee includes decision making, communication and evaluation.

Professional Development

Those who teach Made in the Image of God will have completed training in the program. Resources are also made available to support parents in sexuality education and parents are invited to attend Parent Information Workshops to assist their understanding of the ideas that their children will be learning about.

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