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Drama Theatre

The Drama Theatre is now part of the larger "Performing Arts Centre", located near the Ifould Street Gates.

This is a multi-function area, used predominantly by the Drama and Music faculties for lessons, practice and performances, but also by the wider community. For instance, in 2000, CBC hosted four nightly performances as part of the Adelaide Fringe festival. CBC's "Club Fringe" looks like becoming a regular event, since both the venue and the performances drew praise from local reviewers.

The Drama Theatre features stepped seating with room for up to four classes, a control booth with access to a complete lighting system, and a fully equipped backstage area.

Walsh Lecture Theatre

The Walsh Theatre is hidden behind the CBC Science Garden in the Eastern Courtyard. It is part of the FT O'Brien Building, alongside the Paul McGuire Library. It is used predominantly for classroom lectures as it features state-of-the-art audio visual facilities which enable multi-media presentations by both students and staff.

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