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Senior Campus Sportsfield

In 1998, the 120th Year of Christian Brothers College, the familiar Wakefield Street campus stretched beyond (and over) Ifould Street, with a new sportsfield as part of major renovations and upgrades to the school.

Nearly six thousand square metres of artificial surface is suspended over a city car park, providing ample area for students to play at lunch, while providing top-of-the-range sporting facilities for school competitions. It used all year round for sports such as tennis, hockey, volleyball and athletics. To gain access, students can walk over a continuous link between the four College buildings and the new sportsfield. In fact, CBC has extended outward, by going upward, with a paved boulevard and handball courts built over Ifould Street, which remains intact for one-way traffic use. "This will be a one-of-a-kind development for South Australian schools," School Principal Br Cronin commented. "To be part of a city school has its advantages, but where space is concerned, we need to be creative to maximise use of the area available."



  • 5,916 square metres (size of 8 basketball courts)
  • 4 tennis courts
  • 4 netball, 2 basketball courts
  • hockey, soccer and handball facilities
  • 1 baseball diamond
  • 200 metre running track and 50 metre hurdle track
  • Artificial turf (7.5mm shock pad, glued, 25mm fibre, wear points)

Public Access / Hire

The sportsfield has proven very successful. Predominantly for recreational and sporting use by students, it is also open to public hire, with the entire sportsfield floodlit to provide ample lighting for night-time use.

For furthering information: Facilities Bookings Information

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