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Junior Campus Resource Centre


The centre piece of the Junior Campus is the Resource Centre which is linked to most classes directly or indirectly via a mezzanine to the lower floor.

The Resource Centres use of Information Technology, bold colour, soaring heights and vibrancy in furniture design ensures learning is highly visual, exploratory, fun and reflective of contemporary theory on boy’s education.

The Junior Fiction section incorporates a collection of exciting beginning novels for those who are beginning to read independently. These novels are highly structured, succinct and easy to read- yet challenging for new readers. The General Fiction section houses a broad range of reading materials for students who are excited to extend their reading and research skills. A carefully selected collection of educationally rigorous and ‘awe inspiring’ Senior Fiction and Senior Picture Fiction resources are accessed by more competent readers.

Laptop trolleys and iPads are accessed by students both in the Resource Centre and classrooms. Our Library staff which includes a Teacher Librarian ensures staff, students and parents are fully supported in their research.

Our dream in building a world class student library came to fruition in 2011. The CBC Junior Campus library supports the innovative and contemporary world class education at CBC.


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