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Centre of Innovation and Learning

Christian Brothers College is proud to announce its latest iconic development of a new centre of innovation and learning.

Situated on CBC’s Senior Campus on 214 Wakefield Street the new development will provide a contemporary and state-of-the-art learning environment for students as well as an exciting architectural icon in the heart of Adelaide.  The building’s design strongly references the use of crystallised geometric forms, with associated complex mathematics which pays tribute to one of its multi-function uses which is a Science, Technology, Engineering, Art(s) and Mathematics facility (STEAM) incorporating innovative art, music, study and collaborative maker spaces.

The centre’s ecological roof deck classroom, specifically designed for student led STEAM study and experiments in ecologically sustainable development, and the purpose-built astronomy observatory will offer students the opportunity to engage and learn in a practical and hands-on environment where boys learn most effectively.

The educational vision shared by the College and our collaborative partners, Swanbury Penglase, is for an uncompromising facility which maximises the educational opportunities for boys.  Featuring the use of natural materials with simple colours and textures, complemented by controlled natural and artificial lighting, refined acoustics, fresh air movement and internal planting, creating a high-quality learning environment.  The centre will form an integral part of the Senior Campus precinct with multiple above ground walkways to adjoining buildings whilst opening up the Western Courtyard’s previously underutilised space with ample undercover leisure and breakout areas for students.

The development is scheduled for completion in 2019.

New Centre of Innovation and Learning

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1. Why does CBC need a new facility?

The 2017-2020 College Strategic Plan has as one of its major outcomes a commitment to educational excellence and equity. Strategic Direction 3 states, ‘CBC will commit to embracing international research and best practice in education, developing a culture of academic excellence and high expectations for all.’  This project will ensure CBC remains contemporary, relevant and responsive to the needs of the 21st Century learner.

The completion in 2016 of the Middle School STEAM Centre which incorporated a new Music and Technology facility provided students and teachers with modern, flexible classrooms and world-class technology. This project will continue the College’s commitment to the provision of fluid learning spaces, which are adopted by universities, businesses and schools across the globe. The facility will feature state-of-the-art technology, de-privatised and open learning spaces, purpose built furniture and lighting and energy systems which reflect the College’s commitment to eco-sustainability.

2. Where will the Centre be located?

The three-storey facility will extend along Wakefield Street from the College Centenary Gymnasium to the Brothers House (our heritage listed building built in 1878). The Bourke Building including the existing Front Office will be demolished as part of the project.

3. What was the inspiration behind the building design?

The new facility pays respect to its major role in providing a world-class and iconic STEAM facility. CBC has a long and proud history of specialising in mathematics, science and the arts with many prominent old collegians who reached worldwide prominence in these fields.

The new facility pays homage to crystallised geometry which has been incorporated in the new building façade, and internal areas throughout the design. The proposed tessellation includes a crucifix, which connect strongly to CBC’s Catholic identity.

4. Which year levels will access the building?

The entire College community will have access to the new centre which incorporates separate student and parent/community access. The ground floor music areas will provide concert space for performances by students from all three campuses. The building will cater for Year 7-12 students in Music and Art, a dedicated Year 12 Hub and senior student STEAM facilities. Office space for senior staff will also be incorporated into the new building.

5. Will the new facility affect my child’s safety?

The Project Management Team will continue to ensure the project adheres to the strictest safety requirements.

6. What is the Schedule of Works?

The current Bourke Building including the Front Office will be demolished in December 2017 during the school break. Construction will take place in 2018 with an anticipated completion date of mid-2019.

7. Will the Schedule of Works interfere with my son’s learning?

The Project Management Team continue to work assiduously to ensure your son’s learning will not be compromised during the life of the project. Where possible we have scheduled demolition work during school holidays. Major exams will continue to be held in the German Club as is our long-standing arrangement. Tests and work which requires silence will be conducted in designated areas such as the Paul McGuire Library and Rice Building which provide adequate sound proofing.

8. Will the facility compromise student playing space?

Overall campus amenity and space will be improved with the removal of the existing six relocatable buildings and associated structures located in the Western Courtyard since 2010. The northern carpark with its open handball court will be reinstated to its original purpose and landscaped.

9. Where will the Front Office be located in 2018/19?

The Front Office and College entry will be located on Wakefield Street next to the gymnasium until the move to the new centre in mid-2019. The former PE Theory classroom has been recently renovated to incorporate a Front Office facility, First Aid room and new entry point for all staff and students. Front office operations and finance enquiries will operate from this location.

10. Will the new facility require an increase to school fees?

Diligent financial modelling will ensure CBC school fees will not be affected by this project.

11. Will the new facility respect the adjoining CBC heritage listed building constructed in 1878?

The development pays respect to the adjoining State Heritage buildings by creating glass walkways and links between buildings.

The geometry of the new building façade and internal architecture acknowledges the varying tessellations that can be seen in the Brothers Building and respects the geometry of the original brickwork and feature tiles and stain-glass window motifs.

12. Will the new facility affect parking/pick up and drop off on Wakefield Street?

There will be some disruption to traffic, parking and drop off/pickup on Wakefield Street from 2018 to project completion in 2019. The College will continue to work with parents and caregivers to ensure parents use Ifould Street as an alternative pick up and drop off zone.

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