It is the aim of Senior School to develop mature, responsible students who are independent learners and are proud graduates of CBC.

The final years of study are a time of preparation for the student’s life after school. Students are expected to take more personal responsibility for themselves and their learning. Being the oldest of the boys at CBC, the students in the Senior School are seen as leaders and therefore the role models for the College.

Senior School is a time to explore the career options available. There will be many options and several possible pathways to realise these options so each student will have a different pathway to their career goals.

The behaviour of senior students and the relationship between the senior student and the teacher will change. Coming into Senior School a student will be expected to adopt a positive proactive attitude, where the CBC community is there to assist their learning. Earlier the program is structured, and becomes less so as the student moves through the school. Students in Year 10 can expect to be supported by the students in the senior years, both in study and pastorally, during their transition from Middle School to Senior School.

Most students will start part-time employment, play high level sport and take on other adult responsibilities. Social relationship will change and thus this may be a time of conflict and the student will need to balance their social, work and study commitments carefully.

In Senior School the student is expected to work more independently. Teachers will be available for tuition and assistance. However, it is the student’s responsibility to manage their time and seek help when needed. Throughout their studies in senior school, the student is expected to work out of class time. It is not possible to complete all of the study and assessment commitments in class time. The classroom environment may change during the student’s time in Senior School. Some classrooms will incorporate independent small group work, others may use a variety of technologies to assist the learning, in others the classroom may be completely online making it accessible to the student from any location.

Senior School is the commencement of the South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE). In year 10 students complete their Personal Learning Plan and may achieve a Stage 1 SACE credit for their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award. In Year 11 students will complete their Research Project, Literacy and Numeracy components of their SACE and may commence Vocational Education and Training (VET) courses. In Year 12 students complete their Stage 2 subjects which is the final criteria for the qualification for SACE. In either Year 11 or Year 12 the student may commence a School Based Apprenticeship, which may lead to a full time apprenticeship and employment.

The pastoral care of a senior school student may require many resources. Counsellors are available to guide students through the maze of career, study and personal pathways. Their tutor teacher, whom in many cases has been with the student since year 7 has an important relationship with the student and this relationship may be used to support them through their senior years. There is a Student and Learning Coordinator for each year level and a Director of Senior School. All of these people are there to support and guide the student during their senior schooling.

As leaders there will be some privileges. The Year 11 and Year 12 will be elected as Leaders of the College or House. Year 12 students will be permitted to wear a commemorative jacket from Term 3 of their final year instead of the blazer. These privileges are not automatically awarded and must be earnt.

The CBC community expects the Senior Student to use the Gospel values, behave in a responsible and respectful manner, be role models to the students of CBC, do their best in all activities, and show compassion towards others.

Please contact Mr Michael Lucas on 8400 4200, for any queries you may have relating to your son’s education in the Senior School.


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