The Christian Brothers College Middle School, inclusive of Years 7, 8 and 9, is where life-long learners are fostered, student leadership is developed and learning is dynamic and purposeful.

The College’s core values of Faith, Excellence, Community and Compassion are at the forefront of our curriculum and students strive and are supported to achieve academic and personal excellence.

Christian Brothers College is committed to Middle Schooling philosophy where your son’s academic, social, emotional and spiritual needs are nurtured and all students are welcomed and safe. The ‘Middle School’ is the key link between the Junior and Senior years as young adolescent boys are experiencing changes in their lives from developing relationships, questioning their schooling, challenging the voices of parents, teachers and wanting greater independence. Therefore, the CBC Middle School prides itself in the area of Teaching and Learning in 21st Century boys’ education. We have developed a flexible, exciting curriculum in order to engage, challenge and promote a positive attitude toward the boys learning and school life as a whole. Teachers tailor their curriculum to meet the individual needs and interest of the boys, whilst developing and creating a collaborative approach to their learning.

In 2017, CBC introduced STEAM education. STEAM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics and will draw on the students’ knowledge and critical thinking skills in these subject areas to solve real world problems.
Our commitment to ACARA ensures that the quality and equity of the curriculum reflects 21st Century education. In particular, students will explore Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures along with Australia’s engagement and links with Asia.

Literacy, Numeracy and differentiation is a priority across all curriculum areas with staff attending weekly Professional Development to ensure your son’s learning style is addressed and catered for.
Middle School core subjects include:

  • Religious Education
  • Science
  • Maths
  • English
  • HASS
  • Languages (Chinese and Italian)
  • Physical Education

Elective subjects include:

  • Art
  • Drama
  • Food Technology
  • Information Technology
  • Music
  • Visual Arts
  • Wood and Metal work

Please contact Mr Jamie Couch on 8400 4200, for any queries you may have relating to your son’s education in the Middle School.


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