The Junior Campus strives to encourage its students to become responsible global citizens, resilient, independent and life-long learners. Through the use of pedagogy that promotes academic, spiritual, social, emotional and physical growth and is informed and authenticated by contemporary research, we aim to support all of our students in achieving personal success. Excitement and wonder characterise the Junior School years, and our skilled and passionate staff inspire and develop a deep sense of natural curiosity and inquiry to enable students to build new knowledge and a better understanding of the world they inhabit. Learning experiences are enhanced by our state-of-the-art Junior Campus facilities, which are designed to meet the requirements of primary aged students in a twenty-first century context. Classrooms are energetic, colourful and busy, with the boys fully engaged in investigative learning tasks.

Students in Year 6 are considered the leaders of our Junior Campus and are encouraged to be positive role-models. They are given opportunities to be selected as leaders and to be ‘big brothers’ to our younger students. Through participation in our leadership programs they are presented with opportunities to explore and develop their leadership skills and become advocates for social justice. For some students the transition to Year 7 at the Senior Campus can be a challenging time. Therefore, during Semester 2, all Year 6 students are presented with the opportunity to attend the annual trip to Canberra, which has established itself over the past years as an important part of the Year 6 learning program. This experience also provides for the Year 6 boys an invaluable opportunity to further bond as a group and begin to embrace what is for them a natural point of transition.

At the Junior Campus we celebrate the diversity and the achievements of each of our students. Within this supportive and challenging environment, students feel a strong sense of wellbeing, connection and purpose. Class gatherings, assemblies and our weekly College newsletter provide opportunities for us to publicly acknowledge the wide range of student achievement.

Please contact Mrs Nicola Brennan on 8400 4222, for any queries you may have relating to your son’s education in the Junior School.


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