Christian Brothers College supports Rowing as one of a diverse number of co-curricular activities available to students. These activities aim is to create a holistic education for students which develop their physical, spiritual, social, emotional and cognitive skills.

The CBC Rowing Club encompasses the College values and Ricean Ethos. The Rowing program fosters both personal growth and a team oriented club culture focused on collaboration, team spirit and shared success. Rowing develops both camaraderie and teamwork where students work together towards achieving a single goal. Physical benefits include improving core strength, flexibility, strength and fitness which are important to ensuring a long and active life. Additionally the program aims to create positive lifelong habits including regular exercise and healthy eating.

The program provides valuable learning about how training, physical activities and rowing in particular benefit the human body. This will enable the students to make informed decisions long after they have finished school.

The Rowing program aims to promote cognitive development including the attributes of leadership, time management and organisation skills. Leadership skills will be developed by providing senior students with an opportunity to help their peers and younger students. Time management and organisation skills will be developed in a structured training program that ensures all facets of the student’s life, including study and sport can be accommodated.

Experienced coaches are recruited by the College as they serve and integral role in the development of a culture of success. Each coach holds a current police clearance and undergoes a mandatory CBC volunteer induction process.

The school also supports post school rowing which is evident through the recent formation of the CBC Old Scholars Rowing Club. Students with interest in nominating for state or national representation are also strongly encouraged.

The Rowing season is held in Term 4 and Term 1 and during this time we attend regattas on most Saturdays. During the winter period of Terms 2 and 3 students have the option to attend winter training.


Rowing Camps

Rowing camps are a compulsory key aspect of our training program as it provides us with the opportunity to give our rowers a period of constant coaching in preparation for racing and build club spirit. The camps are generally held in October and January of the rowing season.

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