The Duke of Edinburgh Awards are an interdisciplinary program to gain status and recognition for the many activities CBC students do outside the classroom.   The College is an exponent of the Online Record Book system and students are set up with a personalised website to record their activity to accomplish the Award.

This internationally recognised award is highly valued by employers and community agencies world wide and is comprised of four sections which are undertaken with the assistance of the College, Year Level Coordinators, Home Room Teachers and importantly Family and Community resources. It is to be completed over Years 9 & 10. The Award has three levels and time commitment increases as the Award Level progresses.

  • GOLD

Which have differing lengths of time commitment but the same structure as the Bronze Award.  Many students continue on to the higher levels on a voluntary basis, but the Bronze is regarded as necessary to be completed at the College. The Award also attracts SACE points at each level of completion so it is of even further value to the students, gaining academic reward for extracurricular effort which is normally not recognised.

Award Sections

Service: School Charity Activities (9) / Christian Service Learning (10)

  • 3 months commitment

Skill: Any skill but not a subject completed as part of regular classes.

  • Minimum 3 or 6 months with regular commitment

Physical Recreation: Any sport or recreational activity.

  • 3 or 6 months commitment

Note: For Skill and Physical Recreation, the participant must complete a 6 month commitment in either and 3 months in the other.

Expedition Journey

  • Year 9 Adventure Camp
  • Qualifying Year 10 Expedition

If you have any queries please contact:

Mr Scott McGregor
Duke of Edinburgh Coordinator


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