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Old Collegians Association

Formed in 1886, the Christian Brothers College Old Collegians has a proud history of continuing the strong sense of community and spirit that all students of CBC have shared since the school was founded in 1878.

The Old Collegians’ Association annually provides through subscriptions a Year 8 scholarship to someone chosen by the Principal who otherwise would not have had the opportunity to attend the College. Furthermore, the Association also provides several end of year prizes to students in recognition of meritorious academic performance.

The CBCOC have a number of sporting teams in various competitions and hold regular social events, uniting Old Collegians young and old. The members, who number almost 1000, are kept in touch with the events of the school and the Old Collegians through The Gym newsletter which is published quarterly and distributed electronically to your email.  Subscribe to the newsletter here.

CBCOC's sporting teams go under the name of the Dolphins and if you are interested in joining a soccer, football or rowing team please phone Shane Winter on 0400 633 645 for more information.

If you would like to become a member of CBCOC or make contact with former classmates, or let people know what you're doing, please visit the CBC Old Collegians' Association Facebook page or contact The Gym editor on +61 8 8400 4263 or email on


Visit the CBC Old Collegians' Association Facebook page:

Subscribe to The Gym electronic newsletter here.

CBC Old Collegians' Committee

President Michael Moran 08 8276 9156
Vice-President Simon Cousins 0466 519 339
Treasurer Michael Moran 08 8276 9156
Secretary Mark Roberts 08 8462 1575
School Liaison Alex Ly 08 8400 4263
Committee Andrew Maiese  


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