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2017 Student Leadership

College Captain's Welcome

Wil Strange

2017 College Captain
Wil Strange


Dear Parents and Caregivers,

My name is Wil Strange and I am honoured to serve Christian Brothers College as Captain for 2017. It is with a distinct sense of pride that I welcome you to our inclusive community.

My personal journey at CBC began in 2010 as a Year 5 at the Junior Campus. I remember the feeling of instantly feeling welcomed and a sense of belonging. This feeling has never dissipated. As I embark on my final year at the College, I recognise the profoundly positive and influential role this community has played in my personal development. I have been spoilt with academic, athletic, philanthropic and social opportunities that can only be described as uniquely ‘purple and white’. 

Christian Brothers College is a renowned leader in boys’ education and driven by the Edmund Rice ethos. As students, we work in innovative and creative learning spaces such as STEM Laboratories, Paul McGuire Library, Walsh Theatre and classrooms. Our inner-city location provides easy access to other sites of learning such as the Adelaide Museum, Arts Centre, Water SA, Parklands, and Central Markets to name a few. Complimentary to these facilities, students are provided relational, relevant and rigorous courses from educators who are highly passionate and committed to our development. Every student is afforded the opportunity to harness their potential and seek their passion. 

Our College values of Faith, Excellence, Community and Compassion directly correlate to the EREA Touchstones of Liberating Education, Gospel Spirituality, Inclusive Community and Justice and Solidarity. This year our college theme is “Strengthening Relationships for a Just World”. At the end of 2016, I returned from a Pilgrimage in Vietnam whereby I worked in various orphanages. This is one example of how our commitment as a school transcends the gates of Wakefield Street, authentically striving to make the world a better place. 

The notion and strength of ‘Brotherhood’ runs deep in all members of our community. Our commitment to one another and representing the school is seen in sporting events such as Intercol and Head of the River, liturgical events such the College birthday and masses, or community events such as Awards night and graduations. In all these instances, our pride in being a ‘brother’ is celebrated and shared. However, it is also in the smaller things; the Year 12’s welcoming a nervous and new student on the first day of the year, the collective roars of Brothers at the first XVIII football or the Head of the River or the simple camaraderie of vertical groups in the Middle and Senior School. The strength of Brotherhood is united by our passion and commitment to ‘purple and white’ and one another. Brotherhood is about belonging to something bigger than oneself. 

In its 139th year, CBC is afforded the distinct advantage of drawing on its history whilst forging into the 21st century. As the College Captain for 2017, I openly invite and welcome you to our inclusive community. 

Kindest Regards, 

Wil Strange


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