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2017 College Theme

2017 Theme

Strengthening Relationships for a Just World

Look how good and how pleasant it is when brothers live together in unity! (Psalms 133:1)

This year our college theme is “Strengthening Relationships for a Just World”. The theme developed by the 2017 Student Leadership Team, challenges us to be a College community that is hope-filled, welcoming and just. We are a community that stands in solidarity with the poor and marginalised and in doing so we build a compassionate and better world for all. Our college theme is inspired by the Jesus story which proclaimed the message of justice and peace; challenging us to be people who are inclusive of all. We are all called to be “brother” to each other by caring enough to learn each other’s story. We develop strong and positive relationships which are both empowering and respectful of the dignity of every human being. We are called to live the mission of the church authentically through the ministry of Jesus Christ and the charism of Blessed Edmund Rice as articulated in the EREA touchstones.

The image incorporates the scene of Edmund Rice living in community with his fellow brothers. It is a community of joy where they share food, drink, conversation and story-telling in an atmosphere of peace, and contentment. The green background reminds us of our Irish heritage and the Irish proverb: "Is ar scáth a chéile a mhaireann na daoine."  It is in the shelter of one another that the people live. Edmund built strong relationships with all people. He saw the presence of God reflected in each individual and advocated for those who were voiceless, ensuring all were included. The shield shape of the image is a reflection of St. Patrick's Breastplate prayer, which remind us that when God is with us, we overcome all obstacles and are provided with constant protection. Psalm 133:1 calls us all to unity and love. We live in a community which celebrates similarities and living together in harmony.

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