Walsh Lecture Theatre

The College has recently completed building a brand new architecturally designed 132 seat presentation theatre on the old footprint. The Technology brought to the fore in the Theatre is cutting edge and will be constantly developed to meet with the challenges of an ever developing digital world.

To operate in an increasing globalised environment, modern organisations need to maintain and develop connectivity, flexibility and adaptability to remain at the forefront of their respective industries to maintain a competitive advantage. As education develops along with other industries it needs to maintain the pace of technology development and have the agility to adapt.

The Technology platform in this Theatre is unique and based on agility to develop and change to meet the needs of the digital and online world, whilst at the same time maintaining an aesthetically pleasing and comfortable theatre.

This magnificent theatre has the following features

  • 6 screen high definition Samsung Video Wall with narrow bezel
  • Custom designed lectern with a built in tablet and presentation touch screen
  • Lighting that can be customised for effects and mood setting, with lighting bank control
  • Smart control of Video Wall to accept up to 4 sources at any one time that can be presented as one, two, three or four separate screens with picture in picture adaptability
  • BOSE integrated sound system with lectern and audience microphones
  • Pre-set presentation audio platforms with video
  • Integrated hearing loop
  • Full online connectivity
  • 132 fixed seats with retractable tables with accommodation for wheelchairs and disabled access in the front row
  • Climate control to maintain the level of comfort
  • Full flexibility to change and customise as required


Drama Theatre

Drama is the fundamental expression of human behaviour and our drama students here at CBC have an opportunity to study this wonderful art in the ‘Drama Theatre’, housed in the historical Hurley building. This dynamic theatre seats up to 100 people and enables the students to solve problems creatively, work collaboratively, improve their self-esteem and allow them to perform on a full size stage. The students will also learn how to operate a state-of-the-art lighting and sound booth and practice in a number of backstage rehearsal rooms all in the comfort of a climate controlled environment.


The Observatory

Very few schools have their own astronomical observatory, Christian Brothers College is very fortunate to have had such a resource for the last sixteen years. Commissioned by the then Principal of the college in 1999, Br. Patrick Cronin, who had a love of the bush, Australia’s natural beauty and its splendid night skies. Br. Cronin wanted a way to inspire and to instill wonders to city students beyond the classroom walls.

In the early years of its life the scope was used as an observatory. It formed a major part of the Year 11 Physics courses where it served not only as a practical resource to the Astronomy topic but also as an integral part of Optics and Spectrometry. Sitting atop of the Smith Science Laboratories it had clear visions of the skies and if people in the Adelaide Hills trained their binoculars towards the city they could easily identify Christian Brothers College by the peculiar dome structure rising from the neighbouring edifices.

Adelaide, however, had not stopped morphing into its present state and soon the Astronomical dome was dwarfed by new buildings and high rise developments. The Astronomical laboratory would have had a limited lifespan except that along with the cityscape, technology also developed. So it is that over the last decade the dome has served a new field of study, Astro-Photography. Attaching a camera and using the telescope as the eye-piece, all controlled by software has enable students to take some spectacular video and photographic sequences of planets and nebulae. The light pollution that has grown exponentially each year is now controlled by computer software that is able to digitally subtract the optical noise created by these night time suns; individual time lapse photos can now summed and colourized to reveal celestial secrets that remain hidden to the naked eye. Star trails and creative otherworldly starscapes are now products chiselled on the canvases that the 2017 Physics students experiment with… who would have thought so 60 years ago!

CBC now uses the resources and expertise of the South Australian Astronomical Society as well as its own dome to inspire the young Physicists that pass through its doors. There are numerous old scholars that have completed Aerospace engineering at various universities and are now stationed around the world both in Australia and in far flung places such as the Euro-Space agency and NASA. In 2017 there are no less than 40 students who have chosen to undertake the Physics – Astronomy course offered at Year 11 and who knows where their journey will end, truly, the sky is the limit.


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