Rowing Facilities

Christian Brothers College commitment to rowing is such that we have two purpose built boat sheds to offer students the best facilities possible.

Torrens Boat Shed

Located five minutes by car from the school, this facility allows students on water training, gym training and fitness training, the facility was built back in 1964 and has seen lots of action, with many wins celebrated and the annual Rowers Tea a well-remembered event from times gone by. These days the Torrens river is rarely used to host rowing regattas but the shed is invaluable due to the central location for students and parents. The Parent and Friends committee raised the funds to build the facility and we still remember their efforts in securing a prime location on the Torrens.

Address: War Memorial Drive (halfway between Sir Edwin Smith Ave and Frome Road), North Adelaide, 5006


Semaphore Park Boat Shed
(The PSC Aquatic Centre)

During the 1980s the West Lake’s Rowing course was officially opened, the school knew that we needed our own rowing shed near the course to allow for ease of training and less wear and tear on the equipment. So in 1984 Christian Brothers College, Scotch College and Prince Alfred College incorporated a company called PSC Pty Ltd and purchased land and built this great shed. We use this facility for on water training and preparation for rowing regattas. The students are dropped off before regattas, they get their boats out and all rigged and then they row to the rowing course allowing for some last minute training and a warm up.

Address: Dotterel Reserve, Dotterel Drive, Semaphore Park, 5019

Both of these facilities are well used and maintained, during the year we have social events and free come and try days.


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