The Paul McGuire Library (Senior Campus)

Named after the eminent scholar, poet and ambassador Paul McGuire (1903 – 1978), and former student of CBC, this library was one of the first in the state to be built as an actual school library. Since then, the library has seen various modifications, and the integration of the use of technology for information retrieval. As part of a major building project in the college, the library was re-opened in 1998, having been totally refurbished and extended.


There are three main teaching areas within the library, and two smaller areas, one a separate study, as well as casual seating areas for students to use. Each study is named after a former student, and one, the Howard Study, after the former student, Christian Brother and first Librarian of the college.

The Kelly Study adjoins the computer area with computers available for online research and study preparation. The C. J. Dennis Study is surrounded by the journal and Middle School series collections, and the Brittain-Jones Study adjoins the Literature collection.

The Library catalogue is the Softlink/Alice automated library system, and available for all students and staff to use.

General information

The library staff consists of the Head of Library, and as well the Librarian, Library Technician and Library Assistants, all of whom work part time. As well the affiliated staff of Archivist, and the Teacher-Librarian at the CBC Junior Campus, are members of the Library and Information Faculty.

The library is open each school day from 8.00 am till 4.00 pm. Open throughout the day, except at Recess time, it is used by classes for study and research and for silent reading. As well, students are able to come to the library from their class if they use the Movement Log, which records student movement around the college. Before and after lessons each day, and at both lunch-times, students are welcomed to the library. They are able to read, to select their novels or non-fiction books, and to use items from the other collections within the library, as well as to use the computers for their study or homework.

The college has a policy of quiet study and learning in the library and ‘Silence and Study, Research and Reading’ is expected, in order to demonstrate respect for all people in the library.

The walls of the library are graced with portraits of a few former students from the past, who have distinguished themselves in their chosen field.

During the Library Upgrade, six stained glass windows were added to the northern wall of the library. These fascinating works of art, designed by the artist Gail Donovan, capture key elements of the college – past, present and future.


The Junior Campus Resource Centre

Resource Centre

The centre piece of the Junior Campus is the Resource Centre which is linked to most classes directly or indirectly via a mezzanine to the lower floor.

The Resource Centres use of Information Technology, bold colour, soaring heights and vibrancy in furniture design ensures learning is highly visual, exploratory, fun and reflective of contemporary theory on boy’s education.

The Junior Fiction section incorporates a collection of exciting beginning novels for those who are beginning to read independently. These novels are highly structured, succinct and easy to read- yet challenging for new readers. The General Fiction section houses a broad range of reading materials for students who are excited to extend their reading and research skills. A carefully selected collection of educationally rigorous and ‘awe inspiring’ Senior Fiction and Senior Picture Fiction resources are accessed by more competent readers.

Laptop trolleys and iPads are accessed by students both in the Resource Centre and classrooms. Our Library staff which includes a Teacher Librarian ensures staff, students and parents are fully supported in their research.

Our dream in building a world class student library came to fruition in 2011. The CBC Junior Campus library supports the innovative and contemporary world class education at CBC.


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