There cannot be any compromise in providing students with the best access to Computing and Information Technology. Christian Brothers College has invested heavily to ensure all students can utilise the most up-to-date computing facilities.

Each student in the Senior Campus has access to his own laptop whilst students at the Junior Campus enjoy access to a large number of computers including iPads.  Classrooms are fitted with large touchscreen displays and there is a well-established, comprehensive network in place, giving students access to a number of servers for sharing and retrieving information.

A full-time Network Administrator and experienced IT teaching staff ensure students get the maximum benefit from these facilities. Electronic White Boards and a host of innovative IT software and hardware are available for use throughout the College.

Our excellent web filters and the employment of full time IT specialists ensure your child’s use of IT is monitored, safe and fully supported.

Our Art and Design and multimedia facilities enable students to pursue Graphic Design and other Computer Arts in a designated facility, equipped with the relevant software packages.

Our goal is to enable our students to meet the demands for computer literacy in their future academic and professional pursuits.


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