A Christian Brothers College education is a call to an exciting future. Students in our Community Children’s Centre, Junior and Senior Campuses explore their full potential through a diverse curriculum. World Class facilities and a commitment to enquiry based, problem solving STEM based education, ensures learning is deep, contextual, rigorous and relational.

Whether students are engaging in entrepreneurial business as part of our gifted program, engaging in Music industry research in state of the art digital Music labs, programming robots, designing a new component on a 3D printer, engaged in a VET/TAFE or Diploma University course,  volunteering at St Vinnies or participating in the highest levels of national and international sport; CBC students make the world a better place. Old Collegians of note include:  Paul Vasileff (2017 Young Australian of the Year), Vice Admiral Ray Griggs (Second in command of the Australian Military) and Olympic Rowing Medalist Jaime Fernandez. 

For over 130 years, CBC has enjoyed a long tradition of excellence in boys education. We warmly invite you to visit the College to discover your son’s amazing potential.

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